Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Hat

I finally got my newest version of the Celtic Cable hat done.  The top is a 6 pointed star that I drew myself.  I went to a website that taught me how to draw celtic knots and designed it from there.  I will be finalizing the pattern and then it will go on the web for sale.  I really like it and am pleased with how it turned outl.  

I need to post pictures of the fiber I got dyed.  Maybe this week.  I have been spinning the lovely fiber Leslie gave me.  

Much to do, but I spend most of my time working and hanging out with my sweetheart Wayne.  When I get to Kathy's for spin group I get some done so thank goodness for that.  

Prayers for Kathy that she does not lose any of her momma's and babies.  Birthing time is always hard I think.