Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lace Half Gloves

I finally got the half gloves done for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.  It should be over by now and I haven't heard it they were well received or not.  I hope they got there OK.  I Fed Ex'd them at the last minute of course.  I've been moving and unpacking in Phoenix and didn't have as much time to knit as I'd hoped.  But I did get the two cowls and the gloves done.  I'll do more later as I'm sure she'll do more shows and have more yarn to sell.

I'm very pleased with this pattern.  I like it a lot, so we'll see if others do.

Short post, more later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Version of the lace Cowl

OK, I have been goofing off, or rather working now.  I started my new job in Phoenix last week.  But I did manage to get the next version of the cowl done and I even have a test knitter trying it out.   It's different than the other one.  I will be offering both versions of the cowl.  Here is me modeling it again.

And here is the back of it.
I'm happy with it.  I'm finishing up a multi colored version of the first cowl.  And I'm also working on a set of fingerless gloves.  I need to hurry up because it is almost time for the NY Sheep and Wool festival.  I don't want to let Leslie down.  

I have so much to do and work is getting in the way.  LOL  But it's a cool job, so I should not complain.   I have a house now too or will in a week or so.  So things are good.  I also started dating someone a few weeks ago and am completely smitten.  He is the most amazing guy I've ever met and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.  Fortunately he's not around all the time or I would never get anything done!  

We went to Sedona a few weeks ago and it was so much fun.  I will post pictures of that soon.  Sorry to be so negligent!  I need to go up on Ravelry too.  I have totally not been there for months!