Friday, October 28, 2016

Christmas Knitting!!!!!!

Around this time of year, I get an itch to start knitting gifts for my family for Christmas.  Last year I resisted this impulse until the last moment and only succumbed to do a hat for my son-in-law.  This year, I have not resisted and am now busily planning projects that will probably either make me stay up all night knitting or knit well into the new year.  But hey!  It's Christmas!  And I have grandchildren to show my love to.  Never mind that they'd rather have a gift card for the mall.  I might give them a bit of both hahahaha.  Gotta spoil them as much as I can!

My daughter never misses an opportunity to give me ideas about what she'd like.  Facebook apparently has all kinds of influence to reach non-knitting folks with knitting ideas.  First there was this Poncho type thing called Azel pullover

My question was, for herself or for her 6 year old daughter?  The answer?  Meeeeeee!  LOL

OK.  Fine.  I got some wool/acrylic yarn (shudder) from Knit Picks in a dark grey which she picked out and made it.  I'm waiting for buttons from the UK to arrive.  I think I'll do one for her daughter as well, but this time, I'M picking the yarn and will get something natural and cozy and not slick and nasty.  I am surprised that Knit Picks yarn is not so nice.  Usually I like their stuff.  But I don't like the feel of acrylic.  However, it is more washable.  (sigh)

Then she sends me another Facebook post.  Really?  And this time it's my nemisis, STRANDED colorwork.  (Danger music)   I have done one stranded project, or rather, I have started one colorwork project, a pair of socks that were so cute I just had to try them.  They are still in time out from two years ago.

My tension is HORRIBLE with stranded knitting.  If I pull snug like I should for socks, then there is no give in the fabric, so no way to get the things on your foot.  If I loosen up my tension, then the things get HUGE.  I've never seen a pair of socks so big.  How does one deal with that?  I just gave up...

So now I'm thinking of doing a pair of fingerless arm warmers for my oldest granddaughter.  I even have the yarn dyed up and ready to go.  But I am worried about doing this kind of knitting on the bus to work.  So we will have to see.  They are cute and it would be fun and funky knitting.  I guess I will have another go at it.  I'll post pictures as I get going.  I have to decide the color sequence or maybe just wing it.  We'll see.

Wish me luck!

Friday, October 14, 2016

25% off Sale on my Etsy shop

I am having a 25% off sale for everything in my shop, with a minimum purchase of $20 through 11/30

Use coupon code FALL2016
New things are of course, hand dyed yarns and patterns.  My latest pattern is actually a quilt pattern.  If you like my Tree of Plenty quilt, you can use the pattern to make one of your own.  Complete instructions in how to design, assemble and quilt your own Tree of Plenty.  Includes a color chart and details of everything you need to make it.   I will be doing more quilt patterns in the future, but now I'm working on a sweater pattern and completely obsessed with it.