Monday, March 26, 2007


It was a beautiful weekend. We had 70 degree temps and I did not spend much time indoors. I am trying to get another hat done to send to my friend. It is somewhat complex and has a lot of cables and twisted stitches. I hope it doesn't take forever to do. I want to finish my hats before the Sheep and Wool festival. (New York?) One of those.

I helped my mom get going on blogspot and she should be happily blogging away now. I will put links to her stuff when I get a chance. I have managed not to buy any more fiber lately. I have just been washing and combing it up. Those Russian paddle combs are vicious and I have had several nasty wounds from them. So I'm trying to get used to wearing gloves while I work. It's tough and the fiber tends to stick to them. But at least I have no more nasty wounds on my fingers.

I have gotten used to using the combs and now I kind of wish I'd gotten the english combs for my merino. Maybe one of these days when I get rich. LOL You just never have enough fiber, or enough tools to work it.

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