Sunday, July 18, 2010

My latest quilt

I almost have my latest quilt finished. I am just doing the edge around the moon now. I don't really have a big enough design board to make it as big as I want but I'll figure it out. I have not made one this big before.

I spent the weekend dying cotton and washing fleece and working on the quilt. I also spun some cotton as I dyed the last stuff I spun and it worked pretty well. I meant to do some sock dyeing too but didn't get it done yet. I also carded up some of the new merino that I washed last weekend. It makes a beautiful batt and I'm looking forward to spinning it after I get the cotton finished. I will spin that or the purple cotton I dyed after that with the Pro MX cotton dye. It worked very well which was weird because you don't heat it. You just put it in cold water and let it sit, and stir it now and then. And it dyes the cotton. It also dyes anything you might get it on that you might be wearing. So wear an apron. Wish I'd thought of it before I got one teeny spot of purple on my white cotton shirt. LOL!

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