Monday, May 16, 2011

Navaho plying

I got an idea to try some navaho plying. When I first was learning to spin, I tried it and didn't like the result much. But now, it seems a bit easier to get a smooth more consistent result. It's still a little inconsistent but even regular plying makes a yarn that is a bit softer in spots. I think it would make good sock yarn, being a three ply. I might have to try some like that and see. I would have to spin very fine and then ply it. I saw someone else's navaho plied yarn made from a hand painted roving. I like the way the colors stayed together with not so much barber poling. So I figured I'd need to give it a shot. I will have to practice how much twist to put into the plying to keep it fairly balanced. My first attempt seemed a bit overspun but that is easily fixed. The other challenge will be making enough singles to do a good size skein of a three ply yarn.

I also decided to send some of my raw fiber to a mill to help with processing. I just don't have the time to process it all myself. I spent about 3 hours Sunday carding some mohair and got two small 2 oz batts for my efforts. That convinced me that it will be better to spend my time spinning and dyeing, and leave the carding to an expert. I can still dye it and blend it into multi colored batts if I want or hand paint the roving.

I have finally started putting my yarn up on Etsy too. So that is new for me. Not sure if I'll sell any, but I can give it a try.

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