Friday, February 10, 2012

More baby wear

I made this out of acrylic baby yarn. It's a seamless baby kimono from The Complete Fabrication blog. I keep thinking that somehow new mothers will want to have easy care and washable stuff. But I don't like working with the acrylic nearly as much as my own wool or even my ever favorite, sock yarn. Acrylic just doesn't feel nice to the touch like merino wool and angora. I suppose I'll have to get past the easy care dilemma as I am a spinner at heart and love to work with real luxury fibers. It does take more time though and will cost more for a finished item. But it is way more organic and everything I do is hand processed and pretty hypoallergenic. I am sensitive myself and am careful what I use to wash my wool with.

This is a pretty color though. It reminds me of cotton candy. It took a long time to knit the sweater, and it's such a tiny thing, only 19" at the chest. I was thinking baby clothes would take less time. Well, OK they do. But it seemed a long time, maybe just because it was acrylic???

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