Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Men's Sock Pattern

I put up a new pattern today on Ravelry.  It's a free pattern for men's socks in a DK weight because my husband has very slender long feet and slender calves, and also needs very cushy socks.  So I designed this to fit his feet and slim calves.  Plus I wanted a pattern in a sport or DK yarn that would be a faster knit because his feet are so LONG!  Check it out for Free!  Download Now

My husband has long slender feet and slender ankles and calves.  He loves and wears the socks I make him and I finally decided I had to find a way to get the best fit for him.  He also needs cushy socks and so I determined I needed a DK weight or sport weight yarn pattern to get that extra cushiness and to make them go faster.  I didn’t find much out there in the way of patterns and as I have made many socks, I decided to design a pattern myself.

I am a fan of Cat Bordhi’s socks and have her wonderful e-book “Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks” which I highly recommend.  She has wonderful videos to compliment her e-book and I have made several of her patterns already.  I decided that I would use her sweet tomato heel for my husband’s socks.  But I am writing this pattern with a heel flap because I don’t want to step on her work or mislead anyone on how to do that wonderful adaptation.

I also use toe up construction almost exclusively now and knit two at a time magic loop.   Very Pink Knits has a nice tutorial about Magic Loop.   I find this the easiest way to get two socks the same and also get them done in a timely fashion.  You can of course knit them singly and from the top down but I recommend you try it my way.  I love having both socks be finished at once and look exactly the same.  I will give hints and links to videos with help and I am always available for questions. 

Feel free to try on the socks as you go to get the best fit.  I made my husband try them a lot before I decided how and where to put the increases and decreases.  If they don’t fit right, then they slip and aren’t as nice to wear.  I did put the ribbing in the instep but sometimes he gets confused about which one is right and which one is left so I might leave that out of the next pair.  

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