Monday, February 5, 2007

Jury Duty

I went to my first day of Jury Duty ever. It was a very strange experience. I had cleaned out my purse but forgotten my tweezers, so the guard confiscated them saying they were "pointy". My son Phillip said I should have asked for a demonstration of how I'd hurt someone with them, but I think it was probably prudent not to do that. I heard some woman complaining about the treatment and she was evicted. I just don't know how you'd hold someone up with a nail file, or clippers or tweezers. It's too bizarre.

Then I went and sat in the jury "assembly" room all day. There was no internet and it was very cold near the windows because it was -13 out there. I sat and knitted and listened to audio books until they finally told us we could go home. They never called my number but I did get to see a video on how to be a juror. For that, we get paid $5 a day plus $5 for lunch and some kind of travel allowance.

I've been tasked with knitting some hats for my friend with her angora yarn. I keep looking for a really nice pattern but haven't seen one yet. So I spent a lot of time today looking at and trying different stitches to see if I could figure out something fancy. But I ended up with a 3 stitch rib and I'll do a plain one first. I played with my beads all weekend and my mom says she did also. I made 3 new necklaces and am trying a 4 strand necklace for the first time. It is hard for me to figure out how to do more than one strand. So I'll post a picture when I get it done. If I figure out a fancy pattern for my hats, I'll post that as well. So if anyone ever finds and reads my blog, they'll get a free pattern.

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