Sunday, May 27, 2007


Acres and acres of Tulips in Ottawa. The colors were spectacular and even though I'm not a tulip fan, it was pretty cool. I had a fun time with my friend and scored big with fabric and experience which is pretty much priceless. We washed and dyed a lot of wool. We did lots and lots of driving, and it was pretty much cold and rainy the while time. But the company was wonderful and it was totally worth it.

I have been washing wool like crazy since I got home. I have a civil war re-enactment in a couple weeks and am hoping to take some of the wool with me. I also want to look into making some spindles with CDs to let the kids use. I'm doing a spinning demonstration, which should be fun. Everyone is always fascinated by it.

I have so many projects partially done for my knitting. I need to finish my other sock and do some fingerless gloves for the girls at work. I also got a beautiful baby sheep fleece from my friend that I am thinking to card with Angora and knit a wedding shawl for someone special. So much fiber, and so little time!

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