Friday, June 29, 2007

Spinning Laceweight

I am spinning up some hand carded 1/2 Border Leicester lamb's wool and 1/2 4" staple Angora bunny fur. I am spinning it laceweight and have been looking at lace patterns to make a shawl for my daughter for her wedding. Not sure if she will like it or not. I am trying to get it as cobwebby as I can but it will be a 2 ply, and so it will have to be thicker than a cobweb style commercial yarn. I am spinning it as thin as I dare and it does have some variation, but it is way thinner than the last shawl I made. So I think it will look OK. The bridal shawl I see at Looks very large and will be larger in a thicker yarn. It's a beautiful shawl but it would take me a long time. I just haven't found anything I like better. So I may have to order the pattern.

I also like the Magical Earth Shawl in "A Gathering of Lace", but I think I want to make that for myself. It's not really a bridal shawl.

The kids are coming to visit me on Sunday before heading off to Navy Pier on Monday for the day. It will be fun to see them. Maybe they can meet the guy I'm dating. I also may have a chance to go to Arizona at the end of the month. It looks like I can and although it will be hotter than hell, I can spend the whole time in the pool or the air conditioning. I love the heat anyway and it will be a time for myself. Again, it would be nice to take my new guy but he says he can't get away. This is his busy time. Oh well. A free vacation is a free vacation. Plus I will get to see my parents. That's always a bonus.

Back to spinning Laceweight!

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