Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, I have been distracted lately from my fiberous activities. I met a new guy 2 weeks ago and have been smitten ever since. I have been spending a lot of my free time with him although I do take my knitting with me.

I am preparing to go to Sauk City Wisconsin to do a spinning/carding demo at a Civil War re-enactment over the coming weekend. That should be lots of fun. I am making some CD Spindles to take along and give out. Maybe I can addict some new folks to fiber! We can only try. LOL

I also moved my room and took all my spinning stuff downstairs with me and it's all piled up in a corner of the room. So I have to get organized before I can do much more work. I had been carding up lots of wool, washing more wool. I carded up the lamb fleece Leslie gave me with some beautiful Angora, also from her. Then I am spinning it laceweight in order to do a new shawl. I have thoughts of making something for my daughter Crystal's wedding next May. If I start now......

I have also been making half gloves for the girls at work. It's always so damn cold here that I have to wear sweaters and gloves at my desk. That's so annoying!

Well, off for now. I keep meaning to put up more pictures. :-P But Crystal took my camera cord so I have to find another way to download. (sigh) The things we do for our kids.

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