Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Project

My daughter decided she wanted a sweater dress which is all the rage now.  Since she thought the yarn was expensive, I decided to take some of the copious fiber sitting around my house and make her one out of it.  So I spun it up, chunky, I'm proud to say.  Then we dyed it and I knit up a pattern that I adapted to fit her and added sleeves.  And I got it done in record time!  It was lots of fun to have a model to fit the sweater to and of course, she looks great in anything.  And since I got a new camera, I am posting my beautiful daughter in her new sweater.  One object finished.  And I finished the boy's hats also.  I need to get a picture of them.  But for now, here is my baby girl.  :-)

Oh, and my Christmas present to myself?   A new Lendrum!  It is so pretty and spins like a dream.  I love it!  I've been wanting one for 2 years and I treated myself.  It was one of the few presents I got this year but well worth the wait.  


kim4life said...

That looks wonderful!

malisa said...

Wow! Nice work. Talk about made in USA!