Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunny Tucson

Well, I am in Tucson now going to school full time.  I shipped my new wheel ahead so it was here about the same time that I was.  It's beautiful here.  It's somewhat cool but the sun is usually shining and it's way nicer than it is in Chicago.  They just got another foot of snow!

I have been knitting socks and having trouble with my gauge.  I have also been spinning with my new Lendrum and it is a dream to work with.  I have spun up some Merino laceweight and am now doing some Mohair which is so soft and shiny, not at all scratchy like I expected.  I'm spinning it up laceweight.  I now wish I'd brought dye and some other things.  But school is really keeping me pretty busy too so I don't want to get too carried away.  School comes first for now.

I bought some more bamboo sock yarn and I may do that next.  I also have plans to make shawls for people and for myself.  I need a good meditation shawl, big, soft and warm.  

Also, the Gem Show started here in Tucson today.  Mom and I have plans to go this week and see what we can find.  She has a wholesale number now so that is pretty cool.  I want to get things for myself and for friends.  Christmas shopping for next year.  :-)  I want to work on some knitting jewelry and maybe post it on Etsy.  I'd like to do some small things for sale just to try it out.

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