Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally Spinning again

I finally got back to doing a little spinning this afternoon. I've been working a lot and haven't had time to spin. But today I spun a thicker silk single to use for my sweater that I'm trying to make. I hope it's not too twisted for a single. I have been trying to spin it very softly because I don't want to use a 2 ply in the sweater.

I miss seeing my friends in Tucson like Kathy. She's having all kinds of new kids on her ranch and I have not seen hardly any of them so far. But I think next weekend I'll get to go down for a quick trip. I worked this weekend.

I have to take inventory now and see how much yardage I have on the different yarns. I need a bunch and then I have to dye it all at the same time. Where can I get a really big pot??? And I have to decide on color. I know Kathy thinks I should design my own sweater but I really liked the design on this one, so I hate to try to improve on it. I think it's lovely.

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