Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Socks Galore

I have almost finished the purple mohair sweater but it has been so hot here in Phoenix that I could not stand to try it on. I think it will look nice, or I hope so. I don't seem to always choose good patterns for me. I will finish it and post a picture.

Lately, I've been crazy over sock from the toe up. I got a new book and did one pair, and am starting another pair. I have pictures on my phone and will send also. Made with stash yarn in a merino/bamboo combination. I'm looking for patterns to knit things for my baby granddaughter right now also. She just turned 1 and is cute as a button. Since she lives in cold Illinois, I will be sending her things to keep her snuggly warm.

I have not gotten stuff off to the fiber mill. I've been carding mohair myself and thinking of blending it with my lovely soft merino. Spinning for socks, and the granddaughter and a civil war shawl have been on my mind. I've started the shawl but need to produce some more yarn. I blended black merino and jacob for a very dark brown single and left it natural colored. I'm knitting it for a friend's mom who re-enacts. It's the Prairie shawl from Folk shawls. It's simple and pretty. Again, more pics soon. And today is my 4 month anniversary. Still on the honeymoon as far as we are concerned. It's been wonderful.

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