Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rainbow yarn

I have been spinning for sock yarn and also for color. I had some beautiful angora/merino blend wool that was given to me by a friend. I separated the colors from the batt and spun them into a thin single. Then I did a navaho ply to keep the color clean. It is beautiful yarn and I will probably make something for my beautiful granddaughter with it.

Apparently she likes to wear accessories so I will make her some out of it. My daughter told me that she wears stuff as a scarf so I guess I need to make her some scarfs.

I have also been spinning white merino for sock yarn and knitting socks for myself, two at a time, toe up. I like the toe up method pretty well and the book, Toe ups Socks for Every Body. I have made two projects out of the book and now I'm making socks for my sweet DH.

I still haven't finished the purple sweater but I will as soon as it is under 100 degrees here in Arizona. Then I'll take a picture and post it.

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