Friday, February 8, 2008

The Gem Show!

Oh man, I went overboard again at the gem show.  I have a whole pile of loot and so does mom.  I will have to get serious and actually made some pieces up to sell on Etsy or something.  Otherwise I have to quit buying beads and stuff.  

I'd like to make some chakra necklaces again and some Malas along with other spiritual type jewelry.  

It is so nice here compared to Chicago.  They have been getting hammered for months with snow and cold and rain and ice.  It's crazy.  I am so happy to be here in Tucson rather than in Chicago.  I will have to think twice about where to live next after I get my degree.  Swamped with school work so I haven't done much more than work on my socks a little bit in my spare time.  Hopefully I will get on top of the work soon.

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michelle said...

Hi Holly,

Could you post a photo on your blog of one or two cool things you bought at the show? I'm writing about the show on Monday and want to link to bloggers with photos of Tucson finds.