Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our treasure from the gem show.

OK, I took pictures of my new bead stash and my mothers.  This first one is hers.  She creates wonderful beaded necklaces which she hopes to sell once their website works properly.  Most of her work can be seen at Greene Studios Of Tucson   She does great work and I love her sense of style and creativity.  She uses all kinds of materials from metal and glass to natural stones and pearls.  

I use mostly natural stones and tend to prefer semi-precious gemstones and beads.  I love the natural look and feel although it makes things heavy if I'm not careful.  I also got some lovely silver and moonstone pendants from Tibet.  I didn't get pictures of those taken yet.  I also love silver and stone earrings and I got a goddess pendant with rose quartz in it to make a necklace with.

I spent way too much money but still have more things that I'd like to get.  Maybe this week we will go over and do some more shopping.  

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