Monday, May 26, 2008

Charting software and novelty yarn

I have been doing a lot of blending and spinning lately with my new colors.  I have also put a few things up on Etsy, so we will see what happens there.  I'll put my beaded yarn picture up and have some coiled yarn that is really pretty that I'll post tomorrow or soon.   This yarn is made by blending the pink and purple colors with some white mohair and plying with one sided beaded.  It is pretty.  I am trying some thick and thin now.  It's OK, but not great yet.  

I have been interested in charting software for some time, mostly knitting because that's what I do.  I'd love to write a knitting chart software program and have toyed with the idea a bit.  Then my friend also asked me about a crochet charting program.  I did find one that is in a beta version form.  It does have some limitations but does do (only) circular charting.  It is cool for what it does so if you are looking for that, it's right up your alley.  The URL is .  Go check it out and if you like it, tell the author so she will keep working on it.  I also have a few knitting programs I have tried but they are easier to find.  This is the only crochet one I have found, especially that does in the round.   I may do a java version.  I think I will make a list of software as I find it and list it on my blog.  This crochet software will be the first one.  

More novelty yarns tomorrow.  Kathy has taught me some really cool things.  She's so creative!

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