Monday, May 19, 2008

Dyeing with Wilton's Cake Dye

Well, I finally plunged into the world of color.  Kathy from has gotten me inspired.   Since I didn't have any regular dye (it's in Chicago), I used Wilton's Cake dye to dye my washed Romney.  She let me use her picker (wonderful invention) and then I dyed a bunch of fiber.    The colors tend to fracture but if you don't get freaked out about it, it is actually kind of pretty.  But they are all very florescent, very bright.  So I will hopefully tone them down with some grey, white or black fleece blended in.  We will see.  I have one more color to card out and then I can blend.  I also did a bit of spinning just using handfuls of color to switch as I spun and made a few samples.  The grey tones down the pink and purple, for sure and the brown and blue tones down the green.  

The sample at the bottom is an attempt at coiled yarn from the Spin-Off magazine, last issue.  It's OK, but I made some other coiled yarns at Kathy's that I like better.  This is so stiff and bulky, it wouldn't be good for knitting, in my opinion.   Pretty colors, like an Arizona sunset, but not soft.  It might make a good necklace actually.  

I will post pics of my other coiled yarn and will be blending up some batts to try.  I also opened an Etsy account called Fiberaddict2 and will be posting up some of my yarn and maybe some fibers to sell.  We will see how it goes.  

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