Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More spinning colors

This is a fuzzy picture of my single before coiling it.
The next picture is of it as I am coiling it on the bobbin.  

This next picture is a 50/50 wool and mohair 2 ply yarn blended from my new colors.  

I have listed these two skeins on Etsy and have not had anyone buy yet but have lots of lookers.  I think Etsy is good in that it has an established customer base.  I will be working on some knitting jewelry and some other things to add to these items.  It is fun at least getting people to look at stuff.  

I also managed to link my blog to Ravelry.  I have not been up there in many months but decided to go back in and had some nice messages from some people on there.  So I will try to keep that up.  It would be better if I got notified when I had a message as I forget to check.  Oh well.
My Ravelry name is Yogini25.  I was going to look for the little icon.

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