Monday, August 4, 2008

On the road

I have finished my degree and decided to drive up to Chicago from Tucson.  This is an 1800 mile trip.  I made it in two days though with a lot of perseverance, audio books on the iPod and lots of friends to chat with on the way.  It was still torture though for my hips.  Now I have to pack up all the rest of my worldly belongings including a fair amount of fiber and bring it back.  I'm starting to worry about managing a trailer, but I am pretty good at driving and have watched my dad maneuver trailers for years.  So I hope I learned by osmosis or something.  When I get back, we will literally be awash in fiber as I have accumulated a lot in the 7 months I've been in Tucson as well as all the stuff I had back here.  

My friend is going to drive back with me for the sheer fun of it (he's more than slightly mascochistic) which means I will have time to KNIT!  LOL  So I am looking forward to the company as well as the additional time to work on things.  I have an initial prototype of my next piece and am already redesigning it a bit.  But I do have pictures, so I will put one up.  It's made out of my friend Leslie's angora yarn and she will be selling it as a kit in October at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  

I actually made this a bit longer and now Leslie has it.  I am doing a second one that is not so large.  it fits closer to the face which I think is good.  She also wants me to make lace gloves and a scarf pattern.  So I need to get busy.  Plus she can sell the hats I make, so I need to make more.  Busy busy busy.  And I have to chart up a pattern for a headband or hat band in the Celtic knot variety.  So guess what I will be doing for the next two months?  It is fun being a designer though.  I rather enjoy it.  She gave me a bunch of colored fuzz and some felting needles.  But first, I need to pack all my crap up here and maybe go through the boxes that Crystal packed for me.  I hate to, but it is necessary so I can get out the things I need, and choose what to get rid of.  (Sigh)  But first I pack what is not packed and then go through what I can before we leave.  I have 4 days for this activity.  Wish me luck.


free lotto said...

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Julie said...

I need the pattern for that headscarf/cowl. It would be the perfect thing for the alpaca I spun a few weeks ago. Will you write this up and sell it?