Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunset colors and coiled yarn

I've been inspired lately by the gorgeous sunsets we see here in Tucson.  Mom, Dad and I have a front row seat every evening and I just love the colors and the show.  It has been spectacular lately and I find it affects my color choices when I'm blending fiber for yarn.  So I am inspired by the sky as usual.  Here is the sky tonight and some of the yarn I have spun because of it.  I also have some other batts that are so pretty.  I can't decide whether to spin them up or offer them for sale as is.  It's so hard to represent in pictures.  They need to be felt and seen in person to be appreciated.  Oh well.    I did some stuff for Kathy too and I think she liked it, or she was being nice.  :-)  I got some new colors and some cotton thread to coil yarn with.  So I've been doing coils.  

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Lynn said...

Holly, hi - I saw your post on the Spinner's List and followed the link to your blog. Are you a member of the Tucson spinning guild? Do you know about the Saturday "spin-ins" at Kiwi Knits, on the third Saturday of the month?