Saturday, June 21, 2008

It just gets warmer

Well, the thermometer on the porch today hit 114.  So you'd think I'd have sense to stay inside.  But no, we had spinning group at Kathy's today.  So guess what we do?  Sit out in her workshop, with the doors open and only a swamp cooler for air, and spin for 5 hours or so.  Wow was it hot.  And I was spinning silk/cotton which kept sticking to my hands because I was sweating.  I was spinning a laceweight as usual and I will probably ply with a very thin silk thread and beads.  It is nice, but taking forever to fill the bobbin.  That's the trouble with lace weight.  It goes on forever and ever.

On the design front, I also found an edging I like and am now looking for a lace panel to fit within the edging constraints.  I like it a lot and think it will be pretty.  So I am happy.  I borrowed Kathy's "Knitting on the Edge" book and found something to inspire me.  It's very pretty.  So I'm excited about the  new design now.  Still swatching but getting closer.  

I will put pictures up soon with some of these things.  I also carded up a dramatic dark sunset batt or two and was planning to spin that.  Hopefully this week I will work on it because I want to put more in my etsy shop.  I haven't posted anything there for a week.  I have some lace weight yarns I can list.  I may dye them first.  I have a cobweb skein that is too small to sell, and it's so pretty, I wish I had more.  I think the fiber is in Chicago that I was using.  Oh well, I'll get it all here eventually.  I just can't live without my fiber.  

We are going to do a design challenge soon among a few of us.  We are going to take a photo and create our interpretation of it in several different mediums.  I would be quilting of course.  So more on that later.  It will be fun, I hope.  If I get my fabrics soon.  They are also in Chicago.

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