Monday, June 23, 2008

The latest projects

This is the last batt group I carded up.  I called it Dark Sunset.  I will probably spin this up.  You can't really tell how dark it is because of the lighting.  It will be better in a yarn.  

Below is my latest creation, a cowl out of the Samson's Angoras 85/15 Angora/Merino fingering yarn.  It is not done yet, but I'm quite happy with how it looks so far.  It seems to be about the right size and is pretty so far.  I see the scallops around the face, but I guess you could wear it either way.  But they will be lost if you tuck then into the neck of your coat.  So I'm thinking around the face.  That's what I have envisioned anyway.   I hope Leslie likes it.

I'm going to post on Ravelry too to get some feedback maybe.


national lottery said...
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Foxglove Studios said...

Beautiful batt and GORGEOUS cowl. I hope to see it in person and promise not to drool on it.